Hot shower or cold shower, which is better?

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Bathing in hot weather like is an indispensable part of daily life. You must shower at least 2 times a day. And in addition to bathing, it helps cleanse the body and various pollutants that we have to encounter each day. It is also a way to refresh the body and feel fresh in the hot weather. However, each person’s bathing habits may vary. Some people like to take cold showers. Because it helps to feel fresh. Some people may prefer to take a warm shower because they cannot fight the cold. and felt that warm water was more comfortable.

But did you know? Choosing between a warm shower and a cold shower It also affects the health of our skin. I believe that many people have probably heard that both warm water and cold water have different advantages and disadvantages. especially women Or people who love beauty should know that. Choosing the right water temperature directly affects our skin. So, what kind of shower should we choose? Skin health is good. We ทางเข้า ufabet have the answer for everyone.

Advantages of taking a warm shower

  1. In addition to helping reduce stress accumulated during the day. It also helps relax the muscles. and reduce swelling and aches in various parts of the body
  2. It allows us to take longer showers without rushing. and cleans the body more
  3. Helps open the skin pores wider than bathing with cold water. and makes it possible to cleanse dirt from the pores better as well
  4. For women before or during menstruation It will help the blood flow better. Reduce uterine contractions and reduce abdominal pain caused by hormonal changes

If you like to take a warm bath Water that is 37 degrees Celsius or higher will improve blood circulation. Suitable for treating fatigue, but you shouldn’t bathe for too long. Because it will make the skin dry, wrinkled, or may cause nervous fatigue and drowsiness. It is not suitable for the elderly. or people with abnormal blood pressure As for warm water, between 27-37 degrees Celsius, it stimulates the nervous system, makes the body comfortable, reduces stress, and helps reduce fever as well.

Advantages of taking a cold shower

  1. Makes the body feel refreshed animated
  2. Adjust the nervous system and the body to wake up quickly after waking up.
  3. Helps to burn fat accumulated in the body.
  4. Helps strengthen the body’s immunity.
  5. Makes the skin look smooth. and full of water all the time

If you like to take cold showers The temperature should be lower than 27 degrees Celsius. This level of coolness will help stimulate the muscles to be energetic. Pores tighten, especially during the shower if you pat gently with your hands. all over the body It will help stimulate the skin and wake up the nervous system. It can be seen that bathing with warm water and cold water have different advantages.

Bathing tips for good health

  1. Choose a cool shower in the morning. To make the body feel refreshed, alert, and ready to start a new day.
  2. Choose a warm shower at night. To relieve stress accumulated throughout the day and helps to sleep well
  3. If you want to wake up and refresh your body. You can alternately take a warm shower and a cold shower for 10 minutes to stimulate the blood circulation system in the body.
  4. You should start from your toes up to the middle of your body to allow your body to adjust its temperature first. and prevent unconsciousness from shock and sudden fainting while taking a shower
  5. After exercising, wait half an hour before showering.
  6. You should not shower immediately after eating. Because it may cause indigestion. You should wait no less than 1-2 hours.